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Apricot Balsamico

CHF 42.00
This subtly flavoured, exceptionally delicate fruit with its distinctively tempting aroma originated in Imperial China and adds a classy touch to our 3454 Mountain Essence Apricot Balsamico. It pairs well with many dishes, but in particular foie gras terrine.

Volume: 200 ml

Product information

Level up your cooking.

This fruity balsamico promises nothing less than singularly, sensual indulgence guaranteed to inspire ambitious home cooks just as much as top award-winning chefs – and, of course, all those sitting around the table.

Passion that’s hard to resist and tastes incredible.

Any time we create something new, a great deal of passion and dedication goes into it. The same is true for the Mountain Essences. For this top-notch balsamico, we tested no less than 50 different local fruits until we landed on the perfect nine varieties.

Our 3454 Beyond Balsamico provides the finishing touch.

3454 Beyond Balsamico accentuates the aroma and refines the flavour of our entirely natural fruit balsamicos. This culinary delicacy matures for 10 years or more in French oak barrels at 3454 metres above sea level. Deep inside the mountain of the Jungfraujoch, at the highest balsamico factory in the world, is where the coveted balsamico crystals with their extraordinary flavour slowly form. The result: premium Swiss quality that ignites the senses and inspires even the most seasoned of gourmet chefs.

You have impeccable taste – and we have the perfect balsamico.

3454 Mountain Essence is an entirely natural food product without additives. The secret behind its nine flavour varieties lies in the Swiss fruits that are harvested when perfectly ripe. Be it a cold starter or hearty main course, a bold cheese or refined dessert: one of our exquisite natural balsamicos is sure to provide the ideal enhancement for the culinarily curious and connoisseurs.

Our recipe? Traditional craftsmanship.

First-class quality is not a matter of chance. It is only achieved when the ideal ingredients and a careful production process come together to create a masterful product: the balsamico as the base, the ripeness of the selected fruits and just the right dose of 3454 Beyond Balsamico, the perfect mix of pure, natural ingredients, the optimum storage and the hand filling process.

Loved by the best chefs in the world.

Even prestigious, award-winning chefs, such as Franck Giovannini who has cooked up three Michelin stars in his Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, swear by this pure natural product and its unparalleled flavour.

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