3454 Mountain Essence | Gift Box

CHF 170.00
Four exquisite Swiss fruit balsamicos to treat loved ones or yourself.

Do you enjoy natural indulgence that appeals to the senses? Would you like to surprise someone with unique Swiss delicacies? Or perhaps you would simply love to refine cold and hot dishes with a fruity note? Then this gift box of four balsamicos, personally chosen by you, will be the perfect fit.

3454 Mountain Essence contains carefully sought out Swiss fruits ripened to perfection, rounded off with a dash of our premium Beyond Balsamico. Be it apple, apricot, pear, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, quince or plum: these natural balsamicos are the first choice of gourmets and award-winning chefs alike.

Product information

Those who like to cook well now cook even better.

This fruity balsamic promises nothing less than a uniquely sensual pleasure that will delight discerning amateur chefs as much as excellent top chefs - and, of course, all guests sitting at the table.

Passion that infects and tastes unique.

When we create something new, we always put a lot of heart and soul into it. That was also the case with Mountain Essences. For this first-class balsamic, we tested no less than 50 different local fruits until we found the perfect nine varieties.

The finishing touch is our 3454 Beyond Balsamico.

Aromatically rounded and flavorful, our all-natural fruit balsamicos are refined by 3454 Beyond Balsamico. This culinary highlight matures at 3454 m.a.s.l. for 10 years or longer in French oak barrels. Deep inside the mountain on the Jungfraujoch in the highest balsamic manufactory in the world, the coveted balsamic crystals with exceptional taste are formed. The result is Swiss premium quality that appeals to all the senses and delights even star chefs.

You have taste, we have the right balsamic vinegar.

3454 Mountain Essence is an all-natural food with no additives. The secret of its nine flavors lies in Swiss fruits harvested at full ripeness. Whether a cold appetizer or a robust main course, a cheese full of character or a sophisticated dessert: one of our exquisite natural balsamicos perfectly rounds off what culinary open-minded gourmets love.

Our recipe? Traditional craftsmanship.

First-class quality does not come by chance. It only results when everything is really right and the gentle production process produces a great whole: the balsamic as the basis, the degree of ripeness of the carefully selected fruits and the correctly dosed addition of 3454 Beyond Balsamico, the perfect blend of the naturally pure ingredients, the optimal storage and bottling by hand.

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